No Blooms at the Botanical Gardens

I went to see a friend perform at the Sakura Matsuri festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. There was a sorry lack of open exhibits and blooms there, but there were an awful lot of people dressed up in animee costumes. Here are some of my favorite shots of the day.


Are you what you eat

One of my favorite initial assignments for my students is to have them photograph one meal each day of the week. Food is rich in texture and color, and has great emotional and social meaning.

One amazing project is by the photographer Henry Hargreaves entitled “No Seconds” in which he photographed the last meal of inmates before they were executed. He is from New Zealand where the death penalty “is a remnant of an earlier era”(-Henry Hargreaves, “no-seconds” artist statement).

** note: Hargreaves and a chef friend of his cooked and photographed the meals, rather than these being the actual last meals of the inmates. Does the fact that these are recreations affect they way you react to this project?


photograph from “No Seconds” by Henry Hargreaves

There is good in the world


Today did not start off great: someone said something snarky about my dog on our morning walk, I almost got run over ( I am 99% 94% sure that I had the walk sign!), and my cat had¬†diarrhea. I started to really… not like the day / other people, when I ran across this note – someone had the heart and good sense to post these lost keys as prominently as possible. I don’t know if the owner will ever recover them, but this small act of kindness saved my day. Sometimes you just have to look for the smallest signs to see the big joy of the world.



A Delicious Shoot


My friend Julia is writing an article about homemade miso soup, and she offered to make a hearty batch at my place in exchange for a few shots. I don’t always barter for my services, but for a not Cup-O-Noodles dinner I will happily take as many pictures as necessary. Continue reading A Delicious Shoot

In Case You Wanted to Know…


Think your camera has a super-fast shutter speed – check out this video from PBS that slows down the action of light so that you can actual the light from a flash as it travels. Pretty amazing.

Saul Leiter, Little Celebrated – Largely Influential photographer, Dies at 89

Leiter_RedUmbrella1958_57567_-600x909Saul Leiter is not a photographer you are guaranteed to study at art school or find in The World History of Photography, but his work is some of the earliest color street photography of New York, and his aesthetic stands in sharp contrast to some of his more celebrated contemporaries. Sometimes its not the giants that speak the loudest.

New York Times coverage

A Morning at the Zoo

LemurResponsible zoos serve a vital function in preserving endangered species, educating the public, and providing awesome photo ops! When you’re in a photo-rut, spend a morning (when many of the animals are most active) there and discover the wild side of your photography. Look for AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) accredited institutions.